10% Discount on SSL Certificate

  • Increase Visitor's Trust
  • Boost Search Ranking
  • Strong SSL Encryption
  • Avoid Browser's Warnings

Starting Only at BDT. 715 / Year

Conditions apply

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Offer Validity: Oct 30, 2021


50% Discount on Windows VPS

  • Xeon E5-V2 2.8~3.6Ghz Processor
  • DDR 4 RAM
  • SSD RAID with NVMe
  • Bangladesh with BDIX Connectivity & USA With Gbps Connectivity
  • Tier-4 & Tier-3 Datacenter
  • 1Gbps Connectivity
  • Windows Server 2019

Promo Code: WVCEL20

Starting at: BDT. 1,347 / Month

Condition: Must be purchased for a minimum of 1 year.

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Offer Validity: Nov 30, 2021


cPanel is absolutely free with any package of Dedicated Server!

  • Xeon E5- V3 & V4
  • Support Up to 16 Core Processor, Up to 128 GB RAM, Up to 2TB SSD Storage System
  • BDIX & GBPS Connectivity
  • Best for Application, Web Software, or Website Host

Starting at: BDT. 10,000 / Month

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Offer Validity: Dec 01, 2021


Pay for a year & get 2 month free service!

Extremely Fast VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosted in a Bangladeshi Datacenter. Pay for a year and get 2 months of free service. Contact us today for your free trial.

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Offer Validity: Dec 01, 2021

Register Domain Names at Up-to 95% Discount


BDT. 1,080BDT. 130


BDT. 2,241BDT. 130


BDT. 2,100BDT. 350


BDT. 980BDT. 499


BDT. 5,605BDT. 795


BDT. 2,323BDT. 350


BDT. 2,993BDT. 350


BDT. 600BDT. 500


BDT. 1,450BDT. 499


BDT. 2,050BDT. 130


BDT. 2,323BDT. 595


BDT. 2,600BDT. 350


BDT. 860BDT. 460


BDT. 1,510BDT. 560


BDT. 2,600BDT. 350


BDT. 2,100BDT. 350


BDT. 2,100BDT. 850

Discounted Domain Registration Price is valid for the first year of registration. You can pay from anywhere in Bangladesh via bKash or Bank Transfer. These offers are valid through July 31! Instant activation of your Domain when you pay with bKash.

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Get Special Offers & Discounts for Students

Get 50% Discount For CSE Student

Get a 50% Discount on any Hosting package. If you are an active Computer or Electronics Department Student, show your ID card & get a 50% Discount on all Web Hosting Packages from Alpha Net.

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Zoom Premium Pro Subscription Only BDT. 1,400/mo!

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited Meeting Duration
  • Social Media Streaming
  • 1GB Cloud Recording

Only at: BDT. 1,400 / Month

Condition: Must be purchased for a minimum of 1 year.

Buy Zoom Premium Subscription for Unlimited Meeting only BDT. 1,400 / mo!

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Expired: Sep 30, 2021

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