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Alpha Net provides Best BDIX Windows Hosting. All Latest technology is available on our BDIX Windows Hosting Platform. Like .NET Core 3.0, MVC 5, 4.7 and SQL Server 2017. BDIX is an Internet Exchange Point IXP where ISP’s & other Data service providers get connected among themselves. It’s like an ISP Data Junction. More Than 3500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnected with BDIX connection. If your site hosted for Bangladeshi People/Audience, you must need cPanel hosting in the BDIX server. Alpha Net has two different locations (Data Center) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alpha Net’s All Cloud Solutions available with BDIX Connection.

Benefits of BDIX ASP.Net Hosting

Saves International Bandwidth

BDIX Connectivity will save your server International Bandwidth. It seems to use local bandwidth. It means when one user form an ISP sends a file to another user in another ISP – the data does not need to travel out of the country.

Low Latency

If you have BDIX Connectivity your site running through very low Latency. In the case of Local Traffic data first goes to the BDIX from the source ISP & BDIX routes the data to destines ISP. Latency will be 7 ms to 9 ms.

High Data Volume

If you want Major Data Transfer, BDIX Connectivity will help. Because of InterExchange, You will get the best transfer rate. Currently, BDIX provides 1 Gbps Connectivity. That will provide you the best High Data Volume Transfer rate.


If you have Redundancy BDIX will support it. If international Connection interrupted BDIX will help you to maintain live your service. Currently, BDIX Connectivity Running with Solid Platform & it’s uptime 99.999%.

BDIX ASP.Net Hosting Package

2GB ASP.NET Hosting

৳ 2,995.00USD 35.95- per year -
  • Disk Space 2GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 100GB/month
  • Websites 11
  • Domains 1
  • Sub Domains 10
  • Email Accounts 50
  • SQL Database 5
  • MySQL Database 15
  • Asp.Net Core Not Supported
  • 24x7 Expert Support
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5GB ASP.NET Hosting

৳ 4,995.00USD 58.95- per year -
  • Disk Space 5GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 500GB/month
  • Websites 20
  • Domains 1
  • Sub Domains Unlimited
  • Email Accounts 100
  • SQL Database 10
  • MySQL Database 20
  • Asp.Net Core Supported
  • 24x7 Expert Support
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10GB ASP.NET Hosting

৳ 7,995.00USD 94.95- per year -
  • Disk Space 10GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 500GB/month
  • Websites 45
  • Domains 1
  • Sub Domains Unlimited
  • Email Accounts 250
  • SQL Database 25
  • MySQL Database 50
  • Asp.Net Core Supported
  • 24x7 Expert Support
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