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Web Hosting With Free SSL

Free SSL Certificate for Websites hosted with Alpha Net

Alpha Net made a high-value offer for web hosting in Bangladesh. The great news is from now you don’t need to buy an SSL certificate for your website, we offer premium SSL certificates absolutely free for a lifetime. It’s the biggest saving offer. To have your desire SSL certificate, you must have to buy any of the hosting packages listed below. Alpha Net never compromise the quality hosting server & services to keep your business online.

Web Hosting With Free SSL Certificate

Hosting ASP.NET


ASP.NET is a web application platform built on .NET framework, exclusively designed to develop dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. It is one of the most versatile platform for any kind of custom web development and enterprise business software. ASP.NET provides ease of development approach where you can easily separate UI and business logic. As compare to its earlier peer, ASP.NET provides documented approach or development.
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Hosting CORE

ASP.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform and high-performance framework for building cloud-based modern internet connected applications. It provides development and hosting support on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Microsoft is providing ASP.NET Core as an open source option for DOTNET and it is available on GitHub. It is lightweight and higher in performance than ASP.NET. It provides modularity and lightweight nature which makes it perfect for containers.
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Hosting MVC


ASP.NET MVC is a powerful application framework based on Model-View-Controller Architecture (Wikipedia). It also includes a powerful and simplified HTML Parsing syntax called Razor (Introduction to Razor). We find developing with MVC & Razor fun, exciting and rewarding. This Website and many of our projects have been built with MVC & Razor. Our Windows Hosting platform fully supports MVC 3, 4, 5 & 6 with Razor 1.0 & 2.0.
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Linux cPanel
Hosting cPanel

Linux is best for hosting PHP & MySQL based Websites such as Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB or your custom-developed PHP application. Your Website is guaranteed to run fast because our Linux Server features high performance 32 core Xeon E5 Processors and services like Apache, PHP scripts & MySQL Server are configured to use large memory. Thousands of Bangladeshi PHP Websites run on Alpha Net's Linux Hosting platform. We offer a 100% up-time guarantee and unmatched reliability. We also have 24/7 support staff to resolve any issues with your hosting account. There is No Overselling So, you can get exact resources.
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BDIX cPanel
Hosting BDIX


Alpha Net provides Best BDIX cPanel Hosting. BDIX is an Internet Exchange Point IXP where ISP’s & other Data service providers gets connected among themselves. It’s like a ISP Data Junction. More Than 3500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnected with BDIX connection. If your site hosted for Bangladeshi People/Audience, you must need cPanel hosting in BDIX server. Alpha Net have two different locations (Data Center) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alpha Net’s All Cloud Solutions available with BDIX Connection.
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Premium SSL Certificates

The Free SSL Certificate included with every Hosting plan is not suitable for E-Commerce Websites. In case you are running an E-Commerce shopping cart website, you should consider one of the premium SSL Certificates from Alpha Net with a longer validity period (preferably multiple years). For 100% browser support, you should also consider a Dedicated IP address for your SSL Website.

SSL Certificate Brands & Providers

Comodo SSL Certificate
Rapid SSL Certificate
Thawte SSL Certificate
GeoTrust SSL Certificate
Symantec SSL Certificate
DigiCert SSL Certificate

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