Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Get a high-performance dedicated Server for your IT Projects in Bangladesh

Host Unlimited Domains & Websites

Xeon E5-V4 dual Processor, 256 GB DDR4 ECC Registered RAM

7.68 TB SAS Raid Storage

Windows & Linux, Managed and Unmanaged Options

Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Most Powerfull Dedicated Server

2 x E5-2630 V5 (6 core each, 12 cores total, 24 logical processors)


500 GB SSD


Bandwidth 1 TB/Month

BDIX & GBPS Connectivity

Most Powerfull Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server in USA

Meet your IT projects extreme demand with a high-performance Dedicated Server from Alpha Net. Alpha Net offer dedicated servers featuring Intel Xeon E3-V3/V5 and E5-V4 dual Processors with up to 512 GB RAM and 2TB Raid Storage. You may choose SSD Raid for extreme storage performance. Your choice of Windows or Linux Operating System. Root/Administrative access, 1Gbps Internet Connectivity, and 24/7 Support.

Dedicated Server Packages & Pricing in USA

Currently, We have no pre-package Dedicated Server in the USA. If you need dedicated server in the USA, please contact with us about your requirements. We can provide dedicated server in the USA with Xeon E5-V4 processor.

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Buy Additional Features with All Plans

  • Additional IP BDT. 395.00TK Monthly. (Can take an IP)
  • Additional RAM 32 GB DDR3 RAM BDT. 2000.00TK Monthly.
  • Additional RAM 32 GB DDR4 RAM BDT. 2000.00TK Monthly.
  • Additional RAM 64 GB DDR3 RAM BDT. 4000.00TK Monthly.
  • Backup Storage1 TB HDD Separate Location BDT. 1500.00TK Monthly.
  • Windows OS Windows Server 2012,2016,2019. BDT. 3250.00TK Monthly.
  • Managed Service Fully Configured,Hosting Control Panel, DNS Cluster Access BDT. 2000.00TK Monthly.

Why Choose Us

Free DDOS Protection

Through our DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution, we can protect and reduce DDoS threats targeting.

Premium Network

We are working with multiple Tier3 network providers which ensures a stable network and best connectivity.

Choice of OS

Wide selection of Operating systems to choose from, like the latest versions of Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows.

Premium Hardware

We always use enterprise-class hardware for our Node servers which ensures the best performance.

Root Access

There is full Root Access for every Dedicated Server, which enables you to install and run any program.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We work with multiple Tier3 providers and are protected with Hardware Firewalls which enable us to offer 99.9% network uptime.

Need a Custom Solution?

If you need help with selecting the right solution for your business, please call us at 09613-250250 within 8:30AM- 9:00PM or you can start a live chat. We are available 24/7 via live chat.

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