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VPS Hosting - High Performance Virtual Servers in Bangladesh

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a dedicated server instance running on shared hardware. A VPS allows you to host Websites, applications and databases in a secure and isolated environment. Take your IT projects to the next level. Host your corporate Website & Database Apps on a dedicated Virtual Server.

A Virtual Server is excellent for secure and isolated Corporate Web Hosting and mission critical database application hosting. A VPS is also ideal for Web Design Companies offering Hosting Services to it's customers. It allows hosting of unlimited Domains, Websites and customer accounts. You also have full control over configuration and management of the Web Server.

Alpha Net has pioneered VPS solutions in Bangladesh. Our Virtual Server Platform is currently utilized by many Government and private sector projects.

Managed VPS Solutions

Alpha Net's Managed VPS Service includes everything your need to become a Web hosting provider in Bangladesh. You can host unlimited Websites and have complete control over your server with root/administrative access. Available operating systems include: Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Windows 2008 R2 Web/Standard/Enterprise and Windows 2012 Standard/Enterprise Edition.

60GB Managed VPS

৳ 42,000.00 ৳ 55,000.00 - per Year -
  • Processors: 2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 60GB
  • Bandwidth: 500 GB/Month
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80GB Managed VPS

৳ 65,000.00 ৳ 70,000.00 - per Year -
  • Processors: 4
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk Space: 80GB
  • Bandwidth: 1TB/Month
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100GB Managed VPS

৳ 85,000.00 ৳ 100,000.00 - per Year -
  • Processors: 8
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • Bandwidth: 2TB/Month
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Read more about Alpha Net Managed VPS solutions. Need 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

Unmanaged VPS Solutions

Take your IT projects and Corporate applications to the next level with a high-performance Virtual Dedicated Server from Alpha Net. Our Virtual Server Platform is designed from ground up with latest Intel server processors and DDR4 RAM. We utilize SSD Raid for highest IOPS and disk bandwidth. We also offer 1Gbps Internet connectivity to our VPS. You are free to install any software on your Virtual Server. Configure it anyway you want over SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop (Windows).

Read more about Alpha Net Unmanaged VPS solutions. Need 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

VPS for Visa Applications

Visa Agencies in Bangladesh are using Alpha Net's high performance Virtual Servers to submit Visa Applications fast and on time. A high performance VPS from Alpha Net is connected to the Internet over a 1Gbps connection. With an extremely fast Internet connection, you can work on Remote Desktop as if you are working from USA, with no delay due to your slow and unreliable local Internet Connection.

Read more about Alpha Net VPS for Visa Applications.

Windows VPS

Alpha Net is the only USA based Company in Bangladesh to own it's own VPS infrastructure. We have built an extremely powerful VPS platform based on years of experience. Our Windows VPS comes managed and un-managed.

Read more about Alpha Net Windows VPSNeed 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

Linux VPS

Alpha Net provides high performance Linux VPS in Bangladesh. Powered by Microsoft Hyper-V server, these VPS instances are guaranteed to provide resources. Choose from the available plans, or contact us for a custom quote.

Read more about Alpha Net Linux VPSNeed 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

Reseller Hosting on VPS

Alpha Net's Managed VPS based reseller solution gives you a complete web hosting infrastructure. It is best for Web Development companies offering Web Hosting to their clients in Bangladesh. It includes a dedicated Web server (IIS, FTP, SQL Server, MySQL, Statistics Software & Firewall), and access to Alpha Net's Primary & Secondary DNS Servers. It also includes unlimited Email accounts on Alpha Net's dedicated Email Server. Eeverything is professionally configured and optimized to provide Web Hosting to your customers.

Read more about Alpha Net Reseller Hosting on VPSNeed 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

Dedicated Servers

For demanding IT projects, consider a dedicated server instead of VPS. A dedicated server gives you ultmate performance, isolation & security. Some of Alpha Net's dedicated server handle over 7.5 Million page views without any issues at all. Learn more about Dedicated ServersNeed 5 Days Free Trial Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

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