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Alpha Net's Founder - Abu Sufian Haider

A Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Masters in Electronics, 5th Degree Black Belt & Founder and Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts School in the USA.

Alpha Net was Founded in 2001 by Abu Sufian Haider, who is originally from Bogra and currently lives in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Haider moved to Orlando in early 2001 after completing Bachelors & Masters in Electronics from India. Later that year, he established Alpha Net with a goal to provide the highest quality Hosting Solutions in Bangladesh. He continues to manage Alpha Net's Infrastructure in the USA.

Since his early childhood days, Mr. Haider has been active with science and scientific experiments. In middle school, he established a science club that operated in multiple Districts of Bangladesh and particiated in National Science Fair. In high school, twice his projects received national awards at the National Science and Technology Fair. It is interesting to note that some of the members of his science club became involved in establishing Alpha Net and they are still actively developing various projects.

Other Projects

In addition to founding Alpha Net, Mr. Haider has established many other successful projects. Here is a few:

In 2003, Mr. Haider developed, which was the first online Bangla Book store and it still operates today. is a world wide directory of Martial Arts School. It currently features about 30,000 schools and attracts over 250,000 monthly visitors. It has country specific Websites for UK (, Canada (, Australia ( and New Zealand ( Mr. Haider developed in 2004 to combine his two passions: Technology & Martial Arts.

Rising Sun Martial Arts

Rising Sun Martial Arts is a Martial Arts School that Mr. Haider co-founded in 2006. The school is located south of Orlando, and serves as a place for several disciplines of Martial Arts training. Mr. Haider also servers as the Chief Instructor for Karate & Kobudo at this school.

Community Involvement

Mr. Haider is actively involved in the local Orlando community. He serves as a Director for Masjid Darul Uloom and has been involved in establishing the first Muslim Cemetery in the Central Florida area.

Masjid Darul Uloom

Muslim Cemetery in Central Florida

Personal Life

Mr. Haider lives in Orlando, Florida along with his wife, 3 daughters and 2 cats (Lulu & Leo). Besides teaching Karate 3 times a week, he enjoys riding his sport bike, swimming, rollerblading & digital photography.